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Stretch Magic® Silkies Bracelets are made from silicone so they're light and feel smooth and silky against the skin.  Bracelets are 6.75 inches (about 17.15 cm) long. Stretching can accommodate some larger wrist sizes, but fits best on wrist 6" (15.24cm) or smaller; 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) or smaller if worn with beads and charms. Cord is about 2mm (.08 inches or 5/64") thick.  The Silkies feature a special insert clasp closure for easy wear and removal.  The easy-clasp is ideal for those tired of struggling with lobster-claw clasps. 

This item is latex free.


Silkies Bracelet Mini Kits come with 3 bracelets, assorted beads and 1 reusable storage bag.  They come in six color selections: Magic, Unicorn, Fairy Wings, July, Hard Candy and Mermaid

Silkies Bracelet Deluxe Jar Kits come with 6 bracelets, over 100 assorted beads and 1 reusable storage canister.  They come in five color selections:  Beautiful Baubles, Candy Craze, Coastal Crush, Free Spirit and Tinsel Your Fancy


Made in China.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review