Box Stitch (Plastic Lacing)

Box Stitch (Plastic Lacing)


Box Stitch Instructions makes 1 Lanyard, about 3-4 inches (7.6 - 10 cm) long.
Two 1 foot strands of plastic lacing = about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of stitches or knots.

Materials needed to make a Box Stitch:
- Scissors
- Two 1 yard strands of Rexlace or S'getti String in contrasting colors
- Clear-drying craft glue (for finishing)

Fig.1- You can follow the directions of starting a project with the EZ Gimper®, simply by imagining the numbers on each strand. Start by finding the centers of the Rexlace strands by folding them in half, then cross the contrasting strands to make an "X."
Fig.2- To follow along, number or letter each strand to make the directions easier. If you don’t number or letter the strands, begin with the lightest color, to help you follow along. Grasp strand "A" and fold it over strand B (B/D line or darker colored strand.
Fig. 3- Fold strand B over strand A and C.
Fig. 4- Fold strand C over strand B and D.   
Fig. 5- Take strand D over strand C, and under strand A.   
Fig. 6- Grasp all the ends and evening pull. Tighten to complete the first stitch.
Fig. 7- Continue by following the checkerboard pattern. Starting with strand D, fold it back over strand C.
Fig. 8- Fold strand C over strand D and B.    
Fig. 9- Fold strand B over strand C and strand A.    
Fig. 10- Fold strand A over strand B and under (through the formed loop of) strand D. Again tighten by evening pulling on all the ends.Continue until you achieve the desired length. Remember to keep same-color strands from crossing and try to prevent the lines from twisting before you tighten each layer.


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