Order Forms

Want to mail or fax in your order? Below are quick-prints of our order forms as well as highly requested color charts for quick reference.

Orders can be faxed to: 978-433-9048

Orders can be mailed to: Pepperell Braiding Company, PO Box 1487, 22 Lowell St., Pepperell, MA 01463

Please contact us if you need assistance with shipping costs. Quotes can be gleamed from the website, but please note requested shipping method. (Additional forms will be linked soon.)

Macrame Order Form Macrame Color Chart Parachute Cord Order Form Parachute Cord Color Chart
Stretch Magic Order Form Stretch Magic Chart Rexlace/S'getti Order Form Rexlace Color Chart
Silkies Order Form Silkies Color Chart Holgate Order Form Holgate Catalog Guide
Fuzzy Stems Order Form Fuzzy Stems Color Chart  Wooden Bead Guide

Looking for a specific order form not listed here? Let us know.