Stretch Magic Silkies Velvet 2 pack - 18 inch (45.7 cm) Necklaces OS

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Product Overview

Stretch Magic Silkies Velvet are flocked silicone necklaces.  The velvety coating is a soft luxurious texture.  Wear alone, or add a pendant and some fancy beads.  Necklaces are 18 inches (about 45.7 cm) long, which is slightly longer than a choker (the cord will sit up high on the collar bone).  Cord is about 2mm (.08 inches or 5/64") thick.  The Silkies feature a special insert clasp closure for easy wear and removal. The easy-clasp is ideal for those tired of struggling with lobster-claw clasps.  When putting on or removing a necklace, hold the necklace by the clasp ends and gently insert or separate.

This item is available as a package of 2 necklaces, safely tucked in a clear cello sleeve to prevent the coating from rubbing off.  Available colors: Grey, Burgundy, Brown or Black.

Looking for bulk?  Volume discounts available in bulk quantities.

Care instructions:
Stretch Magic Silkies Velvet are finely engineered to have some flexibility, but the velvet coating does not provide stretch . Do not OVER STRETCH or attempt to remove the necklace with tugging or pulling; this may cause the velvet coating to fray or break away from the clasp . As with genuine velvet, do not over-handle the material.  If the velvet coating becomes dirty or damaged, this can be cut away to reveal the basic Silkies necklace underneath.

This item is latex free!

Made in China.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review