Wet Bulb Lab Wick in 6 Sizes

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Precision manufactured treated cotton tubular wet bulb wick. We set the standard for quality. This wick is used in the hatchery and HVAC industries for determining the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere. Applications include use with sling Psychometric and various types of thermocouples. Made to slide over a probe or thermometer bulb. Finely braided with very fine high quality cotton yarns. These wicks slide well over thermometer bulb or probe. 

This is one of the best wicks for fragrance dispersion, as it has been treated for extra absorbency. These types of wicks are very hydrophilic. Alternate short term wicks are made of paper or untreated lower grades of cotton yarns. Dispersion is related to the "lift" your fragrance has and the amount of "area" it is allowed to escape from. When designing a device for dispersion consider this (Wet Bulb Lab Wick) or Fluid/Incubator Wick line for testing.

Wet Bulb Lab wick is available in 6 thickness (measured flat), spool sizes vary:

1386 - 1/16 inch (1.59 mm); about 500 yard (457.2 meter) spool

4430 - 1/8 inch (3.18 mm); about 500 yard (457.2 meter) spool

1351 - 3/16 inch (4.76 mm); about 250 yard (228.6 meter) spool

461 - 1/4 inch (6.35 mm); about 250 yard (228.6 meter) spool

735 - 3/8 inch (9.5 mm); about 250 yard (228.6 meter) spool

1090 - 1/2 inch (12.7 mm); about 125 yard (114.3 meter) spool

See also the Fluid/Incubator line of wick material for similar applications.

Made in the USA.

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