Waterproof Pocket Knot Reference

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Product Overview

Pro-Knot's John E. Sherry developed this handy waterproof knot guide for the "tie-er" of the outdoors.  The 6-page pocket reference contains knot tying instructions of 20 popular knots.  Easy to carry and store, the plastic pages are held together with a grommet to make it easy to carry and travel with.  Feed a piece of parachute cord through the hole for hanging, or tuck this away for safe-keeping.  At roughly the size of a business card, this is the most compact reference available: 2.25 inch x 3.5 inch (5.7cm x 9cm). ISBN: 978-0-92227-322-5

Knots referenced in this handy guide include:

  • Bowline (and Bowline on a Bight)
  • Buntline, Cleat, Clove, Half, Rolling, Tautline, and Timber Hitches
  • Butterfly Knot
  • Constrictor Knot
  • Double Fishermans' Knot
  • Figure Eight Knot
  • Mooring Knot
  • Prusik Knot
  • Sheep Shank
  • Sheet Bend
  • Square Knot
  • Trucker's Knot
  • Water Knot

Please note: knots are not intended for rock climbing.

Made in China.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review