Water & Chemical Dispersion Wick


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The Water Wick (also known as Chemical Dispersion Wick) is a round braided 100% cotton wick. This wick has been bleached and treated so it can be used for hydoponic gardening systems, or chemical and disinfectant dispersion. This wick is specially designed to wick water for a variety of applications including uses in the agricultural industry. The diameter of this wick is about 5/32 (3.96 mm) or just over 1/8 inch (3.18 mm) diameter. Anticipated "draw" is about 8 inches.

Not intended for outdoor use.

Available in lengths of 50 or 250 yards (45.72 - 228.60 meters). This wick can be cut and bagged per your specifications (ie., length and quantity you need). Call for quote: 1-800-343-8114 ext. 24.

Made in the USA.