The Un-Candle Floating Candle Box Set

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Product Overview

Light and heat are basic comforts that we take advantage of everyday.  While providing both of these, ordinary wax candles pose serious fire hazards.  The Un-Candle Floating Wicks provide all the advantages with less of the risk.  The specially designed plastic floats work with the included cotton wicks and common cooking oil to provide countless hours of light at a low cost (wicks made in our factory in Bradford, PA). This special glass vessel 2-pack has everything you need to get started.

Because of the low flash point of cooking oil, and that it is floating on water, this is the safest candle available.  The floats include specially designed air pockets that allow the fuel to flow to the wick for a consistent and even burn.  The same fuel channels work as an automatic extinguisher to put out the flame when the fuel is used up.  If accidentally knocked over the water will put out the flame.

The Un-Candle also makes beautiful mood lighting for general use.  Add several packs to your next order as they can be stored indefinitely and will always be ready to use.  Prepare yourself with emergency lighting, or keep on hand for decoration.

Each pack includes two glass Un-Candle jars, three specially designed floats, and 100 wicks.  All you'll need is vegetable oil!

Caution: use at your own risk. Open flames are dangerous no matter how safe the configuration.  Remember; when in doubt, call your local fire department.

Made in China.  Wicks made in the USA.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review