Enamel Awareness Ribbon Charms

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Raise awareness and "charm" your survival gear! After the popularity of our Breast Cancer Awareness Parachute Cord survival bracelets, we've made the charms alone available to you for personal crafting projects. The charms are delicate enough to be added to a bracelet, dangle from earrings, or added onto a matching Silkies necklace. Fasten to a simple cord and sell the jewelry to help you reach funding efforts for your specific charity or event.

  • Pink symbolizes Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Yellow symbolizes Support for Troops and Veterans, Suicide Prevention, Bone Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Endometriosis Awareness
  • Red symbolizes Heart Disease Prevention, HIV AIDS Awareness, Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Each charm measures 7/8 inch (22mm) and includes a jump ring so the charmcan even be added to a completed project with ease.

Available in Pink, Yellow or Red in quantities of 3 or 25 charms.

Made in China.