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Throw back to classic crafts.  Each kit is a treasure box of classic camp crafts.  The components of each kits are housed in a smooth flip-top box. Ideal rainy day crafting for kids ages 8 and up.

Each kit is sold separately. Select from:

Dream Catcher Kit makes one finished dream catcher.  Box Contains: 1 Ring, 8 Beads, 3 Feathers, 22 yd / 20 m Assorted Yarns, and Instructions.

Pony Bead Geckos Kit makes one gecko, one frog, one owl, and one necklace.  Box Contains: 218 Beads, 3 Split Rings, 7 yd / 6.4 m Pony Bead Lacing, and Instructions.

Gimp Lacing Kit makes two pairs of earrings, two bracelets, two lanyards, and six key chains.  Box contains: 130 ft / 39.6 m Plastic Lacing, 2 Split Rings, 4 Earring Wires, 2 Bracelet Blanks, 6 Snap Hooks, and Instructions.

Weaving Loom Kit makes two pot holders.  Box contains: 1 Metal Loom, 1 Metal Hook, 120 Loops, and Instructions.

Wood Crafts Kit makes two small boxes with lids, four God's Eyes, and four airplanes.  Box contains: 2 Beads, 4 Jumbo Craft Sticks, 136 Basic Craft Sticks, 6 yd / 5.48 m Plastic Lacing, 8 yd / 7.31 m Yarn, and Instructions.

Made in China.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review