Pom Beads

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We've taken the ordinary pom and fitted it with a hole, turning it into a bead.  Instead of gluing or sewing, string, tie, then done! Pom beads can be used for a large variety of craft applications including garland construction, gift wrap embellishments, jewelry, and beaded curtains.  Take the pom beads into the classroom and use as a kid-friendly substitute for macaroni and stringing projects!  The large holes make this a great beginner bead for small hands.

The 1 inch pom (25mm) has a 1/8 inch (3mm) hole size.

1/2 inch pom (13mm) has a 3/32 inch (2mm) hole size.

Available in assortments of:
- 100 pom beads (1/2 inch poms only)
- 75 pom beads (1/2 and 1 inch mix)
- 50 pom beads (1 inch poms only)

Please note: Pom Bead package colors are assorted only; specific color selection is not available.

Made in China.