Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects by Joel Hooks

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Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects, by Joel Hooks and Pepperell Braiding Company. Published by Fox Chapel Publishing, 2014.  48 Pages.

Author Joel Hooks is your guide as you venture through many exciting projects making useful gear for the outdoors. This journey travels past the basic square knot bracelet to illustrate just how easy "advanced" projects can be. Also included is the history of Parachute Cord as well as how it is made.

Follow step-by-step photo instructions to learn basic knot tying skills from the Square Knot to the Advanced Ten-Strand Flat Braid. Along the way, make practical outdoor gear including: hiking stick and flashlight grips, wrist and neck lanyards, water bottle holder, monkey's fists, and assorted straps.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review