Monkey Fist Maker Tool Set

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The monkey fist knot is very popular for key fobs and decorations.  The problem is that it is a very difficult knot to tie.  Using our Monkey Fist Tool (PCSA17) you should be tying expert monkey fists in no time.  We make this in the USA from hard maple.  Included in the Monket Fist Maker Kit:

  • 1 metal key ring
  • 1 plastic ball core
  • 1 wooden monkey fist tool maker (some assembly required)
  • 1 illustrated directions

Contains materials to make one monkey fist key fob (cord not included).   Requires about 8 feet (2.4 meters) of cord to complete one monkey fist.   Use any cord, but thinner cords may require extra wraps to cover the core  . Use with 2mm Amy nylon applique, or 4mm Bonnie Braid.  You may also use with 325 or 550 Parachute cord.  A finished monkey fist is about 1" round.

Some components made in China.  Wooden guide made in USA.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review