Mini Spring Clothes Pins

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Paint and decorate your pins for photo hanging, scrap-booking, or planner bookmarks.  The wood is unfinished so they will take almost any medium from acrylic paints to color pencils, to markers.  These pins are light enough to accept any glue, though we recommend tacky or wood glue.  When using pens or markers, test first to prevent feathering.  Want to leave them unfinished?  The wood can be varnished or sealed with any spray or paint clear coat sealer.  Need a larger clothes pin? Medium Sized Spring Pins are available here, or classic doll pins are available here.

These mini spring clothes pins are made for craft applications.  Though sanded smooth, please consider the "splinter factor" when allowing small hands to play with the clothes pins.  Recommended for children ages 6 or older.

Each clothes pin measures 1 inch (2.54 cm) long, by 0.125 inch (3.1 mm) wide, by 0.375 inch (9.5 mm) tall.  This package contains 50 tiny wooden clothes pins.

Made in China.