Message In a Bottle

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Perfect for Mother's Day! Tell Mom (or anyone) how much you love them. 

-You get a 100% Hemp bracelet with 4 mood beads woven into it.

-A glass bottle with cork top which holds your bracelet and a blank scroll just waiting for your creativity.

-Scroll has a removable bow that can be reused to place your note back in the bottle.

-Choose from 4 dirrerent bracelet styles.

Mood beads became populer in the seventies along with bell bottoms, long hair and a host of other great signs of the times. Everyone thought they were a cool fade. Not so. They are here to stay. Mood beads are triggered by body temperature. The warmer they get, the more they change color. So if you are warm and cozy they will be different than if youe are cool.   


(No reviews yet) Write a Review