Les Stroud Fox40 120 Decibel Whistle

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 WARNING: This whistle is a serious piece of equipment! Do not sound directly in a person’s ear.  This whistle is capable of causing permanent hearing damage.

At Pepperell Braiding Company, we work with parachute cord everyday.  We are also big fans of the show Survivorman.  You can imagine how excited we were when we were searching for the perfect whistle and found one endorsed by Les Stroud!

Made by Fox40, this whistle is loud (really loud at 120db!) and “Pealess” so it works wet or dry, cold or hot.  Made from rock-solid space age polycarbonate, with an over mold of soft touch plastic, so it is tough enough to stand hard use.

As an emergency signal device, it does not take much effort to sound; a huge advantage when conserving your energy is a must.  Wear it hiking, jogging or out on a walk.

Sealed in a sanitary blister pack, there are no returns due to health regulations.  Breakaway lanyard included, but we know you will want to make your own (we did).

Made in China.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review