Heat Cutting Tool


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At Pepperell Braiding Company we manufacture cord and we know that it takes good tools to get your craft projects done.  That is why we are pleased to offer the same industrial grade heat cutter we use in production.  Simply flip the switch, let the blade heat up (about 1 minute) and then carefully pass any synthetic cord over the blade to cut and seal in one pass.  The cutter also works great for fusing ends together for a professional finish.

This is a professional grade tool,  It is not a toy.  Always exercise caution.  Blade becomes extremely hot and will cause serious burns!   Always unplug after using and store out of reach of children.  Use with proper ventilation and do not inhale the smoke fumes.  Recommended for ages 18 and older only.   Use exclusively with synthetic cords.

Replacement Blades sold separately.

Made in China.