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Faux Fur Pom

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Product Overview

Faux Fur poms are a great accessory! Attach them to your keys, your luggage, your purse or sew them on to a hat. Our fauz fur poms are acrylic but have the look and feel of real fur. All our poms have  small elastic loop which makes it easy to slide them on to a headband, shoe laces, add a ring to make a keychain or sew them onto any sewing project. A great way customize your craft projects or add a little style.

Th Deluxe poms are clipped shorter and have less straying hairs so they feel softer.


Large Poms Measure: 5" ( 12.7 cm ) in diameter

Medium Poms Measure: 4" (10.16cm) in diameter

Small Poms Measure: 3" (7.62 cm) in diameter


Made in China






(No reviews yet) Write a Review