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There are so many things to create with the Just Clip It! kits.  There are four styles to choose from, with instructions on how to make them.  OR There's a large Creator's Kit for you to be the designer and let your creativity go wild.  Please consider the "splinter factor" when allowing small hands to play with the sticks.  Though the surface is sanded smooth, they are not designed for food or candy consumption; not food-safe.  Recommended for children ages 8 or older.  

Jumbo sticks measure:5.875"(14.92cm) long by .75"(19mm)wide

Small sticks measure: 4.475"(112.7mm)long by .375"(9.5mm)wide 

Barn Yard House-This kit contains: 41 jumbo wood sticks, 26 small wood sticks, 122 assorted clips.  Complete directions and instructions.

Ferris Wheel-This kit contains: 48 jumbo wood sticks, 49 small wood sticks, 170 assorted clips.  1 wooden dowel.  Complete directions and instructions.

Bird House-This kit contains: 42 jumbo sticks, 26 small wood sticks, 161 assorted clips.  Complete directions and instructions.

Watch our YouTube video to see how simple it is to make.

Bridge-This kit contains: 62 jumbo wood sticks, 48 small wood sticks, 174 assorted clips.  Complete directions and instructions.

Creator's Kit-This kit contains: 75 jumbo sticks, 150 small wood sticks, 108 large assorted clips. 400 small assorted clips.                A little history of the clip it product and projects.

Made in China

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