Ceramic Holders With Installed Wicks

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Product Overview

A solid ceramic wick holder designed to convert standard wine bottles into oil candles.  This wick holder includes a vent notch in the side to allow for proper fuel source venting.  Each wick holder includes an 8” long wick, that is about the extant of draw with this wick/burner design, installed.  There are three styles of wicks to choose from.  The standard and most common wick is our 1285 (3/16”) fiberglass wick.  Other choices include our ¼” cotton flat wick and 1284 (1/8”) fiberglass, both folded in half.

These wick holders will also work with beer and liquor bottles, see the diagram for dimensions and measure the inside opening of the bottle you would like to use with calipers.

Tip—Paraffin Oil will float on water. Fill the bottle with water below the bottom end of the wick then fill with fuel. You can also fill the bottom of the bottle with marbles or small stones to raise the fuel level and add a decorative effect.

Available in unit quantities of 25, 50, or 100 pieces.  Choose from 1285, 1284, or 1/4 inch flat cotton.

All installed wicks are cut to 8 inches (20.32 cm) long.  Fiberglass 1284 and 1/4 flat cotton are folded wicks, with the fold loop sitting at the top of the holder.

Plan to install your own wick?  If your looking for bulk, empty ceramic holders, find those here.

Wicks made and assembled in the USA.  Ceramics made in China.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review