You're Loopy!

You're Loopy!

Posted by Anna on May 14th 2021

                                                                          POT HOLDERS

      Boom!   There it is.   Everybody needs them, even if we want to call them trivets or say "Nah...these counters are marble."  It's like, a thing.  We all need pot holders.  Well, I mean maybe you eat only cold food....?  Which, okay that's a whole other thing and I don't write for that blog.


        Well, maybe you've never had the joy of making one.  It's a little rough, the loom is small, the potholder seems small, the whole idea can make people sweat.  BUT---It's a fun time.  They make a heck of a coaster, and I do actually know people who make them as potholders for their dinner tables.  YAS!  Bonus: the  colors can sometimes be real fun.  We have a pound, yes a pound, of polyester loopers.  That's one pound of loops that you can transform into a gift, a craft project, a great way to keep your hands busy.  The weaving is rather soothing, and the way the colors work together is always satisfying.  


        Yeah you can do other things with them.  Make yourself a head band, maybe use them to tie your hair up in a ponytail.  You can use these loopers to weave a small wall hanging.  I like using loopers to hold my electronic cords together.  They are colorful so I can color code them and they're not as tough on cords as a wire tie.  Honestly, the ideas for loopers is endless, and nobody even thinks about them!

    Well, I do.  And I don't think that I am alone.  

        They are the easiest way to teach finger weaving, they're soft, they're durable.  Now we have three new color sets: Neon, Pastel and Autumn.  So now you can make these things fit YOUR style.  Customization is the name of the game and nowadays everybody loves personalizing their stuff.  Making gifts that are specific to that person.  Well, here you are.  Here's the easiest craft you can do.  A great intro to crafts for a young kid, and a fun way for an adult to feel like a kid again.  

                                                                  But, what do I know?

                                          ***cough cough***   as I make a potholder on my lap.