Wrap this up, will ya?

Wrap this up, will ya?

Posted by Anna on Mar 5th 2021

     Do you know what Rexlace is?  Does anyone outside this website know what it is?  It's plastic lacing.  Simple.  Flattened a little, slightly stretchy and in a  variety of crazy colors.  Sparkles and duos and trios, Oh my!  The past three years I've been the Social Media Maven around here,  I had no idea the intense followers of Rexlace.  


                                                                           But here we are.

    If you don't know what I am talking about, go to Pinterest and look for plastic lacing jewelry.  Don't worry, I'll wait.  It's insane isn't it?!?!  If it's not a lanyard or a key fob that has nine thousand colors, it's a wrapped bracelet.  And who knew that a spool of plastic cord, that sometimes only sees the other side of a summer camp, could be so amazing?  


    I was lucky enough last year to get some in the mail.  Three bangles from a crafter, Aelicia Mechelle.  They are beautiful.  Her jewelry is beautiful, hell....SHE is beautiful.  I've watched her tutorial on how to wrap these things and I'm telling you now, I still haven't figured out her magic.  She sent me four more, for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, in the MS orange color.  Who knew that something as simple as this, would be as comfortable with my jeans as it is with a little black dress.  Who knew that something as simple as a bangle could make my day so much brighter.  


   I have a hard time sharing these with people.  I would love to keep her a secret, MY secret,  but that seems unfair.  Talent like this, an eye for color and the sweet and charming personality on top do not belong hidden.  They belong here, on a post where people will see them.  A simple bangle, wrapped with a simple plastic cord, turned into something so beautiful.  I encourage you to seek her out, Craft Lace Creations by Aelicia Mechelle.  CLCBAM for short.  Tell her we sent you.  The next time you pass by a rack of Rexlace in a store, remind yourself that this simple, summer camp product can be made into something completely magical when left in the hands of the right Magician.  

                                                                      Maybe that magician is you?