Posted by Anna on Feb 5th 2021

Warning!  Caution!   Whatever....there's a crafter at work here!  hahahahahaha!

    You know those friends?  The friends who walk around the Craft Fair, the Museum, the Art Gallery, Your studio and make some snarky comment about how "I am not going to pay for this, I can do that myself!"   Yeah well, they are mistaken.  

    If there is one thing we've learned from this Pandemic, it's that crafting at home is time consuming and.... HARD.  I have gladly given my money to Etsy Shops, sellers on ebay and locals businesses selling things I could probably "Make Myself" but I don't want to!  After getting a job here at Pepperell as a part of Graphics AND Product Development, I've discovered one thing:  Craftspeople are my heroes.  

    This is me folks, working on images to post on our Social Media.  It falls on me.  I am mystified by the men and women online, posting new things every couple of  days.  Your work ethic is insane, the stuff you post is stellar and I don't know how you do it!   

    I'm kidding, but only a little.  I hope all people who shop here know how much I appreciate you all.  There are so many amazing people out there making the most beautiful things.  Creative things.  Mind boggling crafty super awesome things!!!   I am not sure I count myself among them but I am trying, and learning everyday.  


    Remind yourself of this the next time you see what looks like a simpler bracelet, and easy handmade candle project, a bookshelf made from an "easy template": People are doing this every.  day.  And they are NAILING it.

    Me?  I'll keep trying, and I encourage others to keep trying to.  And remember, the next time your friend says "I can do that myself!", remind them that yes they probably could.   But, are they ????