Summer Nights

Summer Nights

Posted by Anna on Jul 23rd 2021

There's no way to add music to this without getting in trouble so just hum it to yourselves. Don't worry, I'll wait! In the meantime, how about we talk about Summer Nights as a time and place. 



When you think about them, there's something really magical about being outside in the Summer.  Especially if it's a clear night sky, and the air has the sounds of summer, the warm breeze and fireflies.  Wait, ...what?  Fireflies?  What if you're outside and there are no fireflies????  Sometimes it happens.  Lucky for us as humans, we can make our own twinkling lights! 

          Or at the very least, light a candle or a tikki torch.

We here at Pepperell Crafts admit it, we are mostly crafts.  Macrame, Paracord, craft sticks, etc.  BUT, we do have a secret: we have candle wicks.  I know I know but please, hold your applause.   If you go to our wick store, we actually sell replacement wicks for tikki torches, oil lamps and we even have a few wicks that only require a little cooking oil. 


Yeah, that's right.  A wick and some canola oil and poof, you have a little summer night magic!  You can buy traditional candles, but what are the odd the smells from them will compete?  Well, our Un-Candle won't do that.  And you have a simple, inexpensive way to light up those great evening hours!  We might just have something there you hadn't even thought about. 


                            Of course, I work here and I need to find ways to encourage you to shop.