Posted by Anna on Mar 31st 2022


It's almost here and I am so excited! Spring is such a great time of year. Chances are your snow is almost gone, buds are on the trees, flowers are blooming and there are Holidays to celebrate!!! Easter, Purim, Ramadan, Mother's Day, we all probably have a birthday somewhere in there. Right?

There is no perfect time of year to craft, just do it when you feel the urge. BUT...I will say this: Spring is a time for renewal and maybe that means sprucing up your home. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids. Perhaps you need to tell a loved one how much they mean to you and maybe you're just in need of a hobby. In any case, crafting fits into all of these categories. 

 How do I know this?  I'm the Crafter in Chief here at Pepperell.

                                                     I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm just saying I know stuff. 

Saint Patrick's Day has passed, but you may have joined in with some great green projects. Earth Day is coming and share with everyone how you upcycle your crafting products. 

I mean, there's Easter.  SO MANY things you can make for Easter.  A bunny?  Sure.  fake carrots?  WHY knot!  (you see what I did there?)

And sometimes the oldies really are the goodies.   

During these many holidays, let's come together and celebrate and maybe craft together? I know that may seem odd but think about this: most Holidays are steeped in tradition, so why not add to it?

Ramadan starts the second of April, and I'm working on something small.  Small.  Because last year, I missed it and I've tried to be better about including all of our friends. 


Once we get past April, we get into May.  Mother's Day is in May.  I am a mother and I love making things for my own Mother, and I love love love things made by my own child.  There is nothing better than crafting with your kids.  Children get so excited about things we maybe forgot and that makes it fun.  There's nothing like seeing something through a child's eyes.  And win/win, you get a really wonderful craft out of it and not just time together.

               If nothing else, I think we here at Pepperell are going to make this Spring super Springy!

Or we just all share a green beverage, no matter what you're drinking!