Posted by Anna on Jun 4th 2021

It's JUUUNNNEEE!!!! Dear god, it took us so long to get here didn't it?  Do yo know why I'm excited?  It's also Pride Month.  That means the Summer Celebratory Season has begun!


                                                                    activist keychains by the Macra Madam  macra.madam on Instagram

   During Pride month, the flag of choice is the Rainbow flag.  It's as recognizable as the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes.  It carries the same weight as any other flag:  pride, love, hate, all feelings we can possibly feel.  Sometimes we feel them all at the same time!  We have many designers who make fabulous things to commemorate Pride Month, the same designers who do an equivalent amount for Christmas, Fourth of July and Halloween.


                                                                        wrapped bangle bracelets by Aelelcia Mechele    clcbam  on Instagram                                                                                   

    It's all one big party and what a great way to start the summer.  Warm day, lots of sunshine and parades with lots of smiles.  The History of where pride month started is just like all history, something dark where good prevailed and we need to never forget it.  Go read about Stonewall and how scary that event was.  Just like everything else in History, from the darkness we rise.  If nothing else, the fact that pride month exists is important.  Like Black, Women's, Latin, PPAI and any other month we recognize, they are the best History lessons for all of us.  


                                                         Prideful products by Big Glitter     big_glitter_toobigtofail             on Instagram               

    I see all of these months and celebrations as a great way to start a conversation.  We never know the people we may meet, the stories they have and the interesting things you could learn.  We all have something we are trying to work through.  We all have a story.  It's important we share them, talk about them, otherwise there can't ever be understanding.        


                         pride flag key fobs by Cool Crafts By Alex  coolcraftsbyalex  on Instagram


    Honestly aren't you interested in talking to people?  You might make a new friend you never knew you had anything in common with.  You might find out someone you know lived though something really horrific, to come out the other side as the person you know and love.  PLUS, you get to dance around a lot and wave a really bright and beautiful flag!

                                         Unless it's the white flag I sometimes wave at my child.     :-P