Posted by Anna on Jul 2nd 2021

J-U-L-Y! It's July people. Smack in the Summer. Hot. Humid. Full of parties and fireworks and swimming pools! It's time for our Nation's Birthday! Hooray!!!! 


    Why not celebrate in style with some Macrame or Parachute cord?  I know, I'm blogging to sell product BUT hear me out: We have an actual paracord color called Patriot.  I mean, come on!  We have all kinds of things for a patriotic celebration.  I have a lot of pictures of these things, but I have to say that none of these were made by me.  I'm just not that talented yet.  Sorry.  Just my truth.  :-)

    I'm lucky enough to know wonderful people who make some of the most amazing things, and then send me the project or pictures of the project so I can have something to be truly jealous of.  Darlene is my Chair Lady and she does some great lawn chairs.  One of them is using our own pattern for the American Flag.  I mean, what a great way to celebrate the fourth?  Make a chair for yourself with the American Flag on it, and use it all summer!   I'm guessing it'll come in handy at other times too...Memorial Day and Veteran's Day?


    I mean, it makes sense to me.  The flag is always under scrutiny and honestly, I'm not getting into that here.  I just know that it's like a parent is to a teenager: no matter how angry it makes you, it's still yours.  Bonus: Darlene does a great job so I don't have to!  ;-)

    So maybe you ARE like me and for that I apologize, but maybe you just don't want to make a chair.  I know the work involved in these and wow!  The work is insane.  So, how about  a flag to hang on the wall during this Independence Day?


    Amazing isn't it?  I don't have the name of the man who made this, but those stars are alllll beads.  Yeah.  That's commitment and it looks amazing.  The Olympics are being played this year people, nobody is going to question you having this hanging up all summer.  

    No matter what, whether it's anger, stress, a swell with pride or excitement the flag does what it is supposed to: invokes emotion.  It's perfect for the Birthday of Nation who invokes so much emotion.  Have a party, spend time with your family and wave it proudly while you watch the fireworks. 

                   I just can't say sit on it, even though that's what it is, because then I just sound silly.