Here Comes the Crafts...

Here Comes the Crafts...

Posted by Anna on Aug 6th 2021


Weddings. Oh snap! In the Summer, weddings are a pretty popular event. Sunshine, warm breezes, if you're lucky, there's a beach in there. Either way, the Summer is the time when most weddings take place. Weddings are wonderful, romantic times filled with lots of love and family. 

                           It is also filled with enough stress to cripple an entire football team.

If you follow any trend bible, popular crafter on Instagram or spend any quality time on pinterest, you know how macrame has affected the world of the wedding.  And I will say this: In a good way.

                       I'm not crazy.  

I know I sound crazy but some of our favorite crafters are designing wedding products.  Rebecca's macrame closet added a table runner, possibly for use on a head table, card table, buffet table, your kitchen table... whatever man, just go and check it out because it's beautiful!  You could have a custom wedding that is rustic, warm, flowers in your hair, rice being thrown wedding.  


      Mason glasses for fresh cut flowers and tons of twinkle lights. 

                                                                                                                  image courtesy of Rebecca's Macrame Closet

It's safe to say that these items can translate to Birthdays, Anniversaries, Quinceaneras, family gatherings or just a big Sunday dinner.  They're beautiful, timeless, fun and can make your big day unique and the event you dreamt it could be.  This year we are finally able to have weddings again, so make it memorable!


                                                                image courtesy of Rebecca's Macrame Closet


                                                                                          Only, don't really throw rice, it's bad for the birds.  ;-)