Posted by Anna on Aug 13th 2021

Oh. My. Gosh. It's Friday the 13!!!!! Or as I like to say "Friday". Yeah, because it's just another day. lol. The mythology of Friday the 13 is just so engrained in our culture, so in honor of my usual "Fri-Yay!" I'll say this: don't go out today, it's Friday the 13.  Stay in and craft. With us!


                                 image GIF by 100%SOFT

The lore around Friday the 13 goes back centuries, all the way to the Bible.  There were thirteen apostles at the last super, and one was Judas.  If you are a Christian and have a dinner party with 13 people you are "courting death".  King Philip IV of France had the Knights Templar arrested on Friday the 13.  Buckingham Palace was bombed by Germany on a Friday the 13.  

 And so on...

               Scholars have tried to debunk it, believers just hide in their homes and wait for it to pass. 

I say, embrace it!  make a craft that encourages luck, especially if you're feeling the weight of today!  We have things to keep you busy, keep you inside, keep your hands from nervously drumming.


I, myself, have no problems with today.  The thirteenth doesn't scare me.  I've patted many black cats in my day too, and I am being honest when I say I've had to pass under a ladder once or twice.  It happens.  There are some superstitious things I do.  For example, a horseshoe faces up when hung on a wall, to catch the good luck.  I'll keep a four leaf clover if I find one.  Broken mirrors are a horror story for completely different reasons...

and I might, maybe be a horror movie fan, so spooky stuff doesn't scare me.  

                                                                          much, anyway...

No matter what symbolizes for you today, we have all kinds of things to support whatever belief you have.  Make a shamrock, grab a horseshoe, it's Friday people!  No matter what:  It's FRIDAY.

Now I've just got to remind the leprechaun that torments my kid, to leave my four leaf clovers alone!