A Chairful Guy

A Chairful Guy

Posted by Anna on Apr 2nd 2021

The beach. I go every so often and you know what I bring: a towel. I know. Lame. I am just one of those people who doesn't know ever think to bring a lawn chair. Comfy, off the sand, read book lawn chair. Oh well what are you going to do? Well, if you're our Chair Man friend, Walter, you just make one!


                                                     Yeah I'm not doing it either.  But Walter does.  

      What is even better, He LOVES it.  He doesn't just make lawn chairs, he buys chairs at swap meets and yard sales, takes them home and repairs them and then adds a little macrame.  Seriously.  And I can speak from experience when I say, Walter is a nice guy!


      This past Monday was Vietnam Veteran's Day and this got me thinking:  Walter.  He calls himself The Chair Man.  He makes them himself, or repairs them for customers who are looking to fix and old chair.  And Walter is  a Vietnam Veteran.  Irrelevant to his chairs you say?  Well I say no.  Our Vietnam Veterans are all older now, drifting in history as a part of a pretty dark time.  In conversations there is still arguments, bitter resentment and confusion.  In the middle of all this is a group of men who are veterans from that time.  Men who have taken all that pent up energy and made it into something completely unheard of: a life.  In Walter's Case, a career as a chair weaving guru.  He's not the only one, there are a lot of Vietnam Veteran's like Walter.  These men have taken their lives in a positive direction, putting all their energy into making chairs beautiful.  Making their world just a little better.   A place of respite. 

                                                                                      A Place to sit .


          Sometimes it's at the beach.  Sometimes it's for a kid and every once in awhile it's just something really unique that makes people stop and ask "Where did you get that chair?"

          We here at Pepperell like to say, "We go this from the Chair Man" and he's a pretty chairful guy!