1/32 Inch (.8mm) Micro Jewelry Cord 77 Yards (70 Meters)

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Supremely thin, this nylon micro cord is ideal for delicate and intricate macrame jewelry projects.  Mix with seed beads or knot alone, it's perfect for fine bracelets and necklaces.  Made from 3-ply #18 twisted nylon filament, the cord density is strong enough to handle tight braids and knot, or be fully loaded with tiny glass beads for fancy-filled accessories.  Whether stringing, braiding, crochet, knit, or macrame, S-Lon Micro is a fantastic cord to use with a Kumihimo Braiding wheel to create custom i-cords or yarns.

Each spool measures about 1.25 inch (31.75mm) high and round, which bares roughly 77 yards (70 meters) of cord.  Withstanding about 18 pounds per strand, the cord is only about .8mm thick (.03 or 1/32 inch), which is roughly 1/2 the thickness of a quarter.

Made in the USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review