60 pc Rexlace Assortment Box with Snaps

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Meet the ultimate Rexlace sampler box!  This unique package includes Sixty 4.5 yard (4 meter) hanks of Rexlace, for a total of 270 yards (246 meters) of plastic lacing!  PLUS each hank includes one metal lanyard snap. The color collections include a range of our customer favorites. Colors may vary, but typically include an assortment of Clear, Basic (black, white, brown, etc.) and Neon Colors.

Rexlace is an extruded flat PVC plastic cord made for craft and hobby applications. Also known as Boondoggle, this brand of plastic lacing has been key staple in summer camp crafting for generations. Make key fobs, lanyards, jewelry, and other accessories. When used as a knotting cord, 1 foot of Rexlace = about 1 inch of stitches/knots.

Lace measures:
3/32" (.092" or 2.3mm) wide
1/32" (.035" or 0.88mm) thick

This item is latex free!

Some components made in China. Rexlace plastic lacing made in the USA.

Other Details
Weight: 24.80 Ounces
Width: 8.00 (in)
Height 5.00 (in)
Depth 0.13 (in)


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