1339 (3/16 inch) Cotton Spindle Wick

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Product Overview

We manufacture the finest natural cotton braided oil wick available.  This wick is specially designed, with its thick inner section consisting of cotton roving and braided outer cotton exterior, to work with a variety of lamp oils.  Due to our consistent standards of high quality, our wick is used as OEM parts by top lamp and lantern makers.  Our wick is also used in passive lubrication as well as filtration applications.  This cotton wick  sold here are un-waxed.

Premium blend, 100% cotton cord, round (tubular/hollow) braid.  This cord does not contain a core.

Sometimes referred to as "Spindle Cord," this cotton braid can be used as a belt drive similar to the way leather is used on certain drive shaft applications.  The cotton's properties also make it an excellent cord for macrame plant hangers . Dye the cotton with a tie dye kit for customization!

It is not intended for outdoor use.

This wick comes on an un-waxed spool and is sold by weight.  Generally about 75 yards (68.58 meter) spool on one spool.  Length may be approximate +/- a few feet

Measures: 3/16 inch (4.71 mm) diameter thickness.

Made in the USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review