Walter Bradley


Paracord & Knotting Designer

My name is Walter Bradley and I’m a Marine, Vietnam Veteran. Was there in Jan’70 to Jan’71. I spent six years in the Marines, four years in the RI National Guard Military Police and four years in the Army Military Police. In 1988 I volunteered to go to Honduras for two weeks with another National Guard Unit. We were there for security with an Engineer unit. They were constructing a highway from the coast up to the mountains. I started working with Macramé years ago, off and on. In 2016 I decided to make Vietnam era Paracord Bracelets I have been giving them to Vietnam vets and their family as I come across them. I also give them to vets that weren’t in ‘Nam and tell them to wear it in memory of those who were there and the ones we lost. I like to keep busy making things out of wood and working with Paracord and Macramé. I’ve made plant hangers, hammocks, 3 section room dividers and bags. Currently working on another room divider and making leashes.

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