Susan Foote


Susan Foote


                                                               I am  delighted to see that Macramé has returned!
     I got hooked on Macramé many years ago when I was working at a craft store in Naperville, IL.  Jute was huge then and I learned knots and created wall hangings and plant hangers and sold my wares at summer craft shows so I could buy more material and tie more knots.  The synthetic cords led to purses and more plant hangers.  Thinner cords led to designing smaller items, which led to starting a company  designing and packaging, and selling eighteen macramé ornament kits and twelve macramé key ring kits.
     We packed up our kits and took them to Hobby Trade Industry shows (HIA).  It was one of those early shows and our small booth was near Pepperell.  Over time, I designed more items and four instruction leaflets which Pepperell Braiding sold.  Several years later, all signs of knotting and the materials to make them disappeared.
     It is great to see the interest in macramé again, with new materials and accessories.





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