Lynn Crosson


       I am a Macramé lover who learned the craft while living in Colorado Springs around 1976/1977.  Back then, I used mostly Jute which was hard on the hands and left loose fibers. Wall hangings were attached to bamboo, wood dowels, driftwood and tree branches.  Plant hangers were
attached to rings and driftwood.  Back then, my projects followed instructions from books or patterns available at local craft and hobby stores. 
       In July of 2018, my daughter asked me to attend a two hour Macramé class in Tyler, TX.  My passion for Macramé was revived.  After years of working and moving, there is time to Macramé!
       “Think outside the box”.  Be inspired to create something unique!  Keep your eyes open for possibilities for hangers to attach cords.  Searching for unique hangers that depict the interests of individuals and their travels and interests is fun.  Sometimes the projects are embellished with beads, yarn and feathers.  My projects use the 6mm craft cord sole here by Pepperell.  There’s no lint, dust or fraying and it is much easier on my hands.  The selection of colors and widths provide lots of opportunity to create interesting projects.
                                                            LYNN’S HINTS ON CREATING A PATTERN:
                                 1. Estimate the finished length of your project.  Cut each cord 7-8 times the length if the project has an abundance of knots                   with little open space.    For example: 3.5’x 8’=28’ each cord (fold in half and larks head knot to projects)  If the project has lots of open                   space less cord is required.
                                2. Use scraps of cord to position folded cords in order to determine total number of cords needed.  A scrap of 12” is adequate.
                                3.  Calculate the total quantity of cord needed:  example: 20cords @ 28’ length ea_560’.........560’/3’ per yard= 187 yards
                so for this you would need 2 skeins of 100yd skeins




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