Wick Tabs - 12 Piece Pack


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Candle wick tabs, or wick "sustainers" may help make your candle-making process easier.  Keep your wick straight and secured!  We recommend using the sustainers with metal-core wicks to help keep the wick standing while pouring wax.  Tabs are made from a composite metal and available in 15mm (a little over 1/2 inch) and 20mm (roughly 3/4 inch) diameter sizes.

What size wick tabs do you need?  The most typical wick tab size is a 15mm diameter tab with a 3mm neck.  Some people like the 20mm base because they "stand" a little better in a container type candle . Most people working with gel prefer the 15mm diameter tabs.  The longer neck prevents the gel from burning all the way to the bottom.  We also have a self centering tab for votive candles that is great for those that don't want to keep tweaking the wick toward the center while the wax cools.

Each package contains 12 tabs.

Made in the USA.