Tie Dye Rexlace Super Value Pack


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Tie Dye Britelace is an extruded, flat, PVC plastic cord with a holographic core. This type of Rexlace Plastic Lacing has a glitter and sparkle which adds a bit more character to staples such as key fobs, lanyards, and jewelry. When used as a knotting cord, 1 foot of Rexlace Tie Dye Britelace = about 1 inch of stitches/knots. 

Lace measures:
3/32" (.092" or 2.3mm) wide
1/32" (.035" or 0.88mm) thick

This item is latex free!

The Tie Dye Rexlace Super Value Kit includes:

  • 150 feet (45.6 meters) of Tie Dyed and Holographic plastic lacing in assorted colors
  • Lanyard snaps
  • 16 illustrated page instruction booklet to make critters, bracelets and lanyards.

Made in China.