Stretch Magic Silkies Necklace - 18 inch (45.7 cm)

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10 units

This item is currently only available in colors Black, Brown, Red, Lt. Blue, and Turquoise at this time.

Stretch Magic Silkies Necklaces are made from silicone.  They are light, feeling smooth and silky against the skin.  Wear alone, add a pendant or add some fancy beads.  Necklaces are 18 inches (about 45.7 cm) long, which is standard necklace length, sitting just below the collarbone.  Cord is about 2mm (.08 inches or 5/64") thick.  The Silkies feature a special insert clasp closure for easy wear and removal.  The easy-clasp is ideal for those tired of struggling with lobster-claw clasps.

Please note that there is a Minimum order of 10 necklaces of a single color. 

This item is latex free.

Color chart is available to download and review here.

Made in China.