Stacking Toys


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Limited - Some styles may be out of stock.

Your child will learn colors and shapes while rocking, spinning and toppling the wood rings. Wood rings make a nice appealing sound when "clicked" together.

Rocky Cat/Dog features a removable 2-sided wooden animal topper; a smiling face of a cat on one side and a smiling dog on the other. Measures 4" diameter x 5-1/2" high.

Frog/Duck includes 3 pieces each featuring the head, body and feet of a frog and duck on the reverse side.Kids will love to create funny combinations by mixing and matching wood parts.They will learn that ducks have web feet and feathers while frogs don’t.Measures 4" diameter x 5-1/2" high.

Color Cone Cart is an updated classic, re-designed as a  pull-toy. The Original Rocky Color Wood Cone was first designed by Holgate in 1938. This new design features a natural finished wooden cart base with pull-string and brightly colored wooden wheels. This toy will help your child learn colors and hand-eye coordination.

Any one of these stacking toys would make a  perfect gift for those who care to buy the “original wood toys made in the USA”.

Ages 1 and up.



Made in the USA*.


*Because our Holgate toys are all handmade, please allow 10 business days for production before shipment.