Stretch Magic Silkies 6 Black Bracelet Assortment


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Stretch Magic® Silkies Bracelets are made from silicone.  They're light and feel smooth and silky against the skin.  Wear alone, or add a couple fancy beads to.  Bracelets are 7.25 inches (about 18.4 cm) long. Stretching can accommodate some larger wrist sizes, but fits best on wrist 7" (17.8 cm) order smaller; 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) or smaller if worn with beads and charms.  Cord is about 2mm (.08 inches or 5/64") thick. The Silkies feature a special insert clasp closure for easy wear and removal.  The easy-clasp is ideal for those tired of struggling with lobster-claw clasps.  The bracelet can also be used as an extender, when fixed to a Silkies necklace.

This Silkies Assortment includes 6 black bracelets.  Individual bracelets are available for sale in volume (minimum of 10 necklaces/order).

This item is latex free.

Made in China.