Silkies Bead Sets

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Be your own Jewelry Designer!  Why spend hours and tons of money to find cording and beads when we've put them together for you!  The Silkies Bead Sets come in four different styles and come complete with 6 Silkies brand bracelets and a container full of various beads.  Perfect as a gift, party favor or afternoon activity.  The easy-clasp is ideal for those tired of struggling with lobster-claw clasps.  Stretch Magic® Silkies Bracelets are made from silicone.  They're light and feel smooth and silky against the skin. 

Bracelets are 7.25 inches (about 18.4 cm) long. Stretching can accommodate some larger wrist sizes, but fits best on wrist 7" (17.8 cm) or smaller; 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) or smaller if worn with beads and charms.  Cord is about 2mm (.08 inches or 5/64") thick.  


This item is latex free.

Made In China