Mixed Stitch Zipper Pull


Materials needed to make the Mixed Stitch Zipper Pull:

- Scissors
- Two 1 yard (.91 meter) strands of Rexlace in contrasting colors
- One lanyard snap
- One plastic pony bead
- Clear-drying craft glue (optional for finishing)



Fig. 1- Starting as you would make a basic starter stitch, fold 2 pieces of Rexlace in half to find the center. Slide on a lanyard snap (or key ring) and cross the two strands, forming an "X."



Fig. 2- Continue making the starter stitch. (Check out the "Learn How" page for Starter Stitch instructions.



Fig. 3- Continue with the Box Stitch for about 1 inch (2.5 cm.)



Fig. 4- To change over to the Round stitch, simply fold the strands of Rexlace at a diagonal. You’ll want to keep same-color strands from criss-crossing to keep the zipper pull neat. Seen here are two steps for forming the Round Stitch. You may also see the "Learn How" section for full instructions.



Fig. 5- Continue with the Round Stitch for 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm.) Once you have the desired length, continue with the Box Stitch for 1 inch (2.5 cm.)



Fig. 6- When you reach the end of the zipper pull, you can make an overhand knot to complete the project, or dress it up by adding a Pony Bead.



Fig. 7- To keep the Pony Bead from sliding off your Zipper Pull, loop 1 strand of Rexlace back through the top of the bead to keep it secure (left.) If you prefer, you could also try to tie an overhand knot on the bottom (right.) Trim away excess Rexlace, leaving a small tail to keep the Rexlace secure or coming undone.





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