Support Ribbon


Get started raising funds for your next event! Instructions for Support Ribbons can be made using 325 Parachute Cord, 95 Parachute Cord, Amy Craft Cord, S'getti String, or Rexlace Plastic Lacing. The ribbons can be customized into any color to meet the needs of your organization.

Items needed to complete each ribbon from this pattern include:

  • Two 1-yard lengths of Rexlace Plastic Lacing OR 1.5-yards of 325 Parachute Cord OR 1.5-yards of 2mm Amy cord.
  • Lanyard snap or metal key ring (optional)
  • Clear-dry craft glue or a lighter (for cord melting)
  • Scissors

Directions: Coming soon. For now, instructions can be downloaded here.




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