Bubble Knot Layered Necklace

bubbleknotnecklace-pepper-350x350.jpg bubbleknotnecklace-blueberry-350x350.jpg

Looking for layers of inspiration? Here's an easy necklace using Amy to accessorize up or down! Practice the Coil Knot (a.k.a. the "Bubbles") on some scrap cord to perfect your technique. Form as many layers as your ribbon crimp can encase!

Items needed for each necklace in this pattern:

  • Five - Six 1 yard lengths of 2mm Amy cord:
    • The Red Pepper version we used: Pink (05), Red (06), Coral (07), Cranberry (08), Orange (10) and Sunshine (12).
    • The Blueberry version we used: Sky (18), Royal (19), Navy (20), Purple (22), Black (24) and Ocean (42).
  • One 1.5 inch Ribbon Crimp (available in the jewelry department of most craft shops)
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

Detailed illustrated instructions are available for free download here. Directions coming soon to this page.


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