How to Use an EZ Gimper

Materials needed to use your EZ Gimper:
- Scissors
- EZ-Gimper tool
- Two 1 yard strands of Rexlace or S'getti String in contrasting colors



Fig.1 - Cut two plastic laces 12" long of contrasting colors. Hold the EZ Gimper® with one hand, with the star side facing up. Thread ends of one color through slots 1 and 3, and thread the other color through slots 2 and 4. Turn EZ Gimper® over to begin. Spread the lacing out so you can see the "X" in the middle.


Fig. 2- Cross strand 1 over the "X," toward strand 2.


Fig. 3- Cross strand 2 over strand 1, toward strand 3.


Fig. 4- Cross strand 3 over strand 2, toward strand 4.


Fig. 5- Cross strand 4 over strand 3, and under strand 1.



Fig. 6- Tighten the stitch by evenly pulling on all of the ends. Repeat Steps 2-5, starting with any strand number. Just remember to work in one direction around the EZ Gimper.

Remember to keep same-color strands from crossing and try to prevent the lines from twisting before you tighten each layer.

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