Half Knot


The Half Knot is also known as the Chinese Staircase Stitch. Repeating this simple knot over and over creates a fun spiral motif.

Materials needed to make a Half Knot:

- Scissors
- Two 1 yard strands of cord in contrasting colors



Fig. 1- Knot the two strands together on one end using an Overhand Knot, as shown. Keep the YELLOW strand straight, while working with BLUE strand. Wrap the BLUE strand around the YELLOW Strand as shown. Tighten right up to the knot.



Fig. 2- Repeat Step 1, moving only the BLUE strand.


Fig. 3- Continue step 2 until you want to switch colors and/or change directions of the spiral. Seen here, the spiral stitch is a couple of inches long.



Fig. 4- To change color and direction: keep the BLUE strand steady while making the knot with the YELLOW strand.




Fig. 5- Continue working the stitch in step 5, until you reach the desired length. You can advance on this stitch by added more strands of Rexlace, changing the colors as you go.

To finish off the Chinese Staircase stitch, you can tie a simple overhand knot. You may tie all the ends together by grasping all the strands together as one, or tie opposite colors together making several overhand knots.

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