Bracelet Wrapping


Bracelet Wrapping is a simple weave preformed over a 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) bendable bracelet form. 

Materials needed to wrap a 7-8 inch (17.8-20.3 cm) bracelet:

- Scissors
- Clear tape
- EZ Beader Tool (or a paper clip)
- 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) metal bracelet blank
- Sandpaper (recommended)
- Five cut pieces of Rexlace, each 9 inches (22.8 cm)
- One to Three strands of Rexlace, each cut 5 feet (1.5 m)
Fig. 1- Sand down all the edges of the bracelet blank. Pay close attention to the corners because they can be sharp! This may require the help of an adult.

Fig. 2- Line up the short strands of Rexlace with the bracelet blank. You’ll want to center the bracelet blank on top of the Rexlace.



Fig. 3- Fold the edges of the Rexlace over one end of the bracelet blank. Secure the end with a piece of clear tape.


Fig. 4- Slip the ends of the long lacing on the back-side of the bracelet blank. The lines should be UNDER the short strands, to help hide the ends. You may have to put pressure on the end as you wrap, to keep the end secure.


Fig. 5- Grasping all the long strands, wind the Rexlace around the blank until you are only a few inches from the other end. Fold the loose edge over the blank and wrap the Rexlace over it to keep this secure.



Fig. 6- When you get to the end of your bracelet, tuck the ends under the end folds using an EZ Beader® (a paperclip can be used to substitute). Slip the EZ Beader® into the end, and thread the long strands of Rexlace onto it. Carefully pull the EZ Beader® back through the bracelet ends and pull tight. This can be repeated for extra security.



Fig. 7- Trim and hide all ends with scissors. Next you can carefully fold the bracelet over your wrist, bending it into an arch or "C" shape.


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