Parachute Cord Starter Pack - Edition 2

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Parachute Cord Starter Pack is an excellent introduction into Parachute Cord crafts.  Projects in this kit can be created by novice to advanced knot makers.  All you'll need to get started is here - you just need a lighter (recommended) and a pair of scissors. 

Projects featured in this kit include: Jump Rope, Shoulder Strap,Skull Bead Bracelet,Climbers Bracelet, Hiking Stick, and Adjustable Sunglasses Strap.

Starter Pack Contents:
1 - Illustrated Instruction Booklet
1 - 12mm Plastic Buckle
2 - 15mm Plastic Buckle
3 - 8 foot hank of 550 Parachute Cord (Select Color Options)
Some parts of this kit are made in China.