Pepperell Braiding Brain Noodles Noodle Roonie 6.5 Ft. Craft Stems


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Brain Noodles™ Noodle Roonie craft stem measures 6.5 feet (2 meters) long, and 1 inch (25mm) thick.  Noodle Roonie jumbo chenille stems are great for making furry wire sculptures.  Combine with feathers, foam, paper, or jumbo beads to make everything from puppets to jewelry.  Bend, swirl, or cut* to craft!  If glue is needed to complete a project, we recommend either a cool-set glue gun, or clear-dry, tacky craft glue.

What's the difference between a Brain Noodle and Noodle Roonie stem?  The Noodle Roonie stems are specially designed to make cutting and shaping the wire easier.  Brain Noodles require the use of wire cutters, while Noodle Roonie stems can be snipped with craft scissors.

* Cut wire edges may be sharp, so please bare caution. Use pliers to fold down any cut ends to hide sharp points, and to prevent excess fur from leaving the Noodles.

Craft product for ages 5 and up. If cutting the stems, adult supervision is recommended.

Made in China.